A Guide to Help You Determine If You Are in a Good Relationship

You’re probably reading this because you might be wondering if your current relationship is bad for you. When the bad starts to outweigh the good then something needs to change.

The problem may be within yourself or within the other person or perhaps both. If you keep getting into bad relationships then you should probably raise your standards. Let me tell you some advice and just ask you some simple questions to think about.

Are you more unhappy most of the time than actually happy?

If you are more unhappy than you are ever happy. It is time to end it. You don’t want to be with someone that doesn’t care about your happiness. Something is seriously wrong if you are always unhappy.

When you are in a relationship you should feel happy just being around that person. If you aren’t happy then you need to ask yourself why.

Do you just settle?

If you just decided to just settle for anyone ask yourself why you settled. Please don’t ever just settle because you feel like you don’t deserve anyone better or perhaps you feel like that you can’t find anyone better. You can find someone better and you deserve someone better that makes you happy in every way possible.

You deserve someone that loves you and respects you. You deserve someone that doesn’t neglect you. You deserve someone that pays attention to you. You deserve someone that puts you as their number one priorty in their life.

If the person doesn’t put you as number one priorty in your life than find someone else otherwise you will always be second place in that persons life. If you ever just settle then in the end it will be nothing except for allot of regret in the long run and you will be very unhappy cause of not being with someone that will treat you the best way possible.

Are you currently in an abusive relationship?

Any abuse of any kind that happens in a relationship should not be tolerated. Abuse in relationships is not healthy. Emotional abuse is just as bad as physical abuse or other type(s) of abuse. Abuse slowly reduces a persons self esteem the longer you are in an abusive relationship.

Abuse is all about control. Its a control issue within the person. It can be simple things such as what clothes you can’t wear. Perhaps they have a problem with your family and the friends you have. For safety reasons it is best to end an relationship if any type of abuse is going on within the relationship.

What is a good relationship is suppose to be like?

A good relationship is two people who treat each other in the best way possible. They want the best for each other as possible. They want each other to be happy. The couple loves each other despite their imperfections.

They respect each other and love each other unconditionally. The couple is protective of each other. They think each other is perfect, even though they both have faults that they overlook.

They laugh together. They are kind and loving to each other. They love being around each other and hardly ever argue with each other over things. They are best friends and lovers. They are truely soul mates. Please always remember you always deserve the best…

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