Childhood Abuse: How Future Relationships Are Damaged

One of the worst types of abuse is childhood abuse. When a child endures the touch of a pervert who uses various forms of manipulation to control that child’s mind and overall psyche, the child feels trapped in between the hardest rock imaginable and an even harder place.

This type of abuse infects the child’s individual state of well-being not just mentally and socially, but emotionally too. As time proceeds and life starts to change, the child grows up and as they start to grow into adulthood, they tend to give up on good things and shut down.

All of the trust they originally had as a child is gone because of the abuse they have went through. No matter how much therapy they sit through, no matter how many pills they pop, no matter how many swigs they take, everything and everyone around them is affected.

The only way to love someone is to trust them. When their trust is demolished by an unpredictable act of perversion, their sub conscious tells them that no one can be trusted. This is why most victims of childhood abuse to tend to shut down and put up walls, in an effort to self-sabotage the relationship.

How are future relationships damaged? When someone has endured childhood abuse, they tend lose trust in almost everything. They believe that they are not good enough for the person because they know they will never be able to trust them, no matter how much effort they try. Because their sub conscious is telling them that no one can be trusted, they fail to trust people naturally.

When you have trust, you have love. In fact, it is trust that gives you the ability to love and keep the love going. Kind of like lighting a candle. If you can imagine the flame representing love, it is the trust is that keeps the flame lit.

Imagine having limited trust or worse, no trust. If you can imagine your entire relationship being represented as the candle and the flame being the love you have with your significant other, in order to keep the flame lit you need to trust the one you love.

Sad to say, but most abuse victims have a hard time trusting anyone which is why future relationships are affected and damaged, as a result.

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