Do Not Be Afraid: Handling a Female is Not Equivalent to Flying a Jet for the First Time

Believe it or not guys but your father’s attitude, behavior, lifestyle, etc. has left an impact on you. You might consider yourself to be ‘you’ but a certain percent of your characteristics are inherited from your parents, particularly your father. It is the age-old DNA dilemma, but one that should be cherished (although many males do consider these characteristics to be among their weaknesses; nevertheless, with this article I will try my best to eliminate that misconception).

There might have been times when you saw your father not having “that-kind-of” romance in his life. This might be so because when you started observing your parents’ relationship, it was already too late. Your father was busy with his professional life, and had the least amount of time for your mom. Growing up with a not-so-successful role model, your brain (which educates itself from the surroundings) developed an idea that even you will fail with females. And to add salt to the injury, IF somehow your first go with a girl starts off shaky, you force yourself to think that it is all because of you, and that you just can’t make it.

Starting a friendship with a girl and continuing with the relationship can seem like going on a jumbo jet ride without any proper training.

Thoughts move from bad to worse and you are now afraid of taking care of your friend just because you think you will mess it up. At this stage, you need to understand that you and your role model are two separate human beings at two separate stages of their life. It might be true that you are failing in your life BUT that does not mean it is because your father used to fail. You are failing because you don’t believe in yourself.

The Solution:

Remember that you are totally different and you can be better than your father. Before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner, and before going to bed, do not forget to tell yourself that you won’t fail and you will get through it. The moment your brain starts feeling against failure, believe me, you will be her hero once again.

You need to show her that you are not afraid of trying, that you care, and you do not want to mess things up. Talk to her and clear up all the doubts, and you yourself will feel the breeze of change blowing. Females usually appreciate guys’ efforts, and your past failures won’t keep them from giving you a second chance. They also love to live for today like the rest of the world.

Note: Suggestions above are for those males who believe in living their lives with one girl instead of ten (though you can give it a shot). If your father was the most romantic husband on planet earth then consider yourself to be very lucky..

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