Five Romantic Things for Couples to Do on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, I feel, puts the most pressure on couples. There is pressure for things to be perfect. I have listed some ideas for couples to do on Cupid Day that will bring a little romance with it.

1. A Back in Time Night.

This will take some planning and remembering. Assign duties for each of you. It is essential that you go back in time – where did you meet? Do you remember the music of the year you met? Your first date? And a surprise element; something little about your significant other that you don’t know what you would you do without him or her doing. After remembering; here comes the hard work and reward.

Each of you would be willing to take a part of your relationship. You could take the music, he would take where you first met, and you could place of your first date. It would be an enjoyable evening and I bet it would generate some laughs and smiles too.

2. Cook a meal together.

Put on the music, fire up the stove and cook a meal that you have never cooked before including dessert.

3. Have a slumber party.

What! Did she just mention slumber party? Yes, I did. Rent your favorite movies, stock up on all your favorite junk foods, and have a good old fashioned slumber party couple style. It will bring out your inner child and you will have alot of fun. There is only one rule about the slumber party; no talking about household problems. It is all about having fun.

4. Get together with your couple friends for a night out.

Ahead of time take note cards and write subjects on the cards such as: When I first saw my husband or wife I thought….each person is to answer the question on the cards. It will be a great way to reminisce and to get to know your friends better.

5. Spend the night with your children.

This may seem like a bad idea; it is Valentine’s Day it is a couple holiday. Children are the best reminder of why we got together with our significant other. Children can put us adults back into reality faster than anyone. Family is love and who better to share the Love Holiday than with your children.

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