How to Get a Second Date

Getting a second date with someone is not as hard as it may seem. Just don’t screw up the first date. It seems that some people just don’t get it on how to have a good first date. Its not rocket science and its not that hard if you remember some very important things. In this article I am going to point out some things so that you can feel comfortable in asking for that second date.

Be Yourself

Don’t try being somebody your not. You won’t impress a girl by trying to be James Bond when your not. The girl had to be interested in who you are or you would have not gotten the first date. Girls don’t just date guys cause they have nothing better to do. They date guys they are interested in. If you try to be someone your not thats the biggest turn off.


Be courteous and provide some idea on where you are going on your date. This way she will know how properly to dress. If you change your mind than you need to let her know. The worst thing for her is to expect a nice evening at a nice restaurant and you take her hang gliding or something. So she is dressed in a nice dress and she is not prepared for the evening. It doesn’t matter whether its an afternoon date or evening one. Let her know what your plans are.

Clean your car

Make sure your car is clean inside and out. Nothing is worse than picking a girl up and your floor is loaded with papers and empty soda cans. Some people have a bad habit of leaving their cars full of trash. If you want to get her attention than make sure she is comfortable. Be old fashioned and open the car door for her.

Show genuine interest

If you like this girl than show genuine interest in her. Don’t spend the whole evening talking about yourself. She doesn’t want to hear about all your last dating flops. Make eye contact don’t be checking out other women while your out with her. If your bored she will know it and most likely she will be bored with you as well.

Don’t push it

What I mean by this is not all dates need to end up being physical. Most of the time its better if it doesn’t. A good starting point for relationships is to keep them wanting more. There is nothing wrong with being a gentleman and saying goodnight. If the interest is there you can always date again and see where it goes.

Be on time

When you make a date be on time and if for some unknown reason you can’t make it on time call and let her know. There is nothing wrong in letting her know you may be a little late. Always apologize and be there as soon as you can.

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