Keeping a Relationship Healthy as a Guitar Player

Being a guitar player is one of the best experiences you can have and being a professional at it or on the road to becoming a professional, things become a little difficult but still enjoyable. Whether you are a session musician that does session after sessions for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, or you are forming your band and are in the process of touring or creating new album things may start to get a bit tiring.

We as guitarists tend to forget about the exhaustion however, one thing that takes a toll on most of us is our personal relationships. When we get a new hobby, we pay a lot of attention and care to the things associated with it. For example, buying a new guitar pick can make you want to play the guitar even more than you did before.

I know that a lot of relationships suffer from these times, and sometimes things get damaged to the point of no return. But I think that it shouldn’t be the case all the time, relationships can be saved and can be kept healthy even on tighter schedules when you have little time to dedicate to your partner. There is always a way and the first step is having the willpower to keep the relationship healthy.

The second step at keeping your relationship healthy as a guitarist is to communicate with your partner. This doesn’t mean just to call them from time to time and have a conversation or hanging out. This means that you should talk with your partner whatever has been bothering you about, this might be about your career, exhaustion, lack of time, and even the relationship itself, never keep your partner in the dark about you and your thoughts.

Convince your partner that they will have to understand you about the lack of time and energy is temporary and you will return to your original lives. Tours and albums recordings don’t last a lifetime, and there is just so much studio work to do. For that reason, it is important for both of you to be patient and you will both get over this steep hill without any damage to your relationship.

Also remember to make time for them, a special time. Make them feel worthy to be it watching your partner’s favorite movie together, going to a new place that they wanted to visit and so on. Be creative you are a guitarist, after all, you are the epitome of cool, and make your partner feel like they are once in a lifetime opportunity.

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