Should You Kiss on a First Date?

When you go on that first date, you may have that question in the back of your mind. That question that women have been wondering about for ages, is it really okay to kiss on the first date? Will the man your dating think less of you if you let him kiss you at the end of the date? Will he label you or think disrespectful thought of you?

The times are a lot different now and kissing on a first date is viewed differently. Sure, you may have those old fashioned men that may think a little less of you, but how less can they really think of you when the times have changed so much?

One thing that should be taken into consideration is how well you know each other by the end of that first date. It is possible to have a first date that includes so much communication between each other that by the end of the date it’s as if you have known each other for a long time. How can someone fault you for kissing them when the first date was so successful? They were on the date with you, they will understand that the chemistry was there.

If you go out on a first date and you really feel that you need more time to get to know them to make up your mind about them, then it is probably wouldn’t be a good idea to kiss them after the first date. This would lead them on and let them think that you are more interested in them than you really are. You don’t want to give the wrong impression and end up putting yourself in an awkward position by letting them get the wrong idea about how successful the date really was if you may not even have any intentions of seeing them again, or are still unsure about the possibility of a second date.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to kissing on a first date, is to go with your gut feelings. If you are feeling it, then do it. If you are having any reservations, then hold off until the next date. You should always try to conduct yourself on any date, in a way that you will feel good and comfortable with the following day. Another thing to consider is how much alcohol have you consumed during the date. You don’t want to kiss someone only to regret it the next day, knowing that you would have made a different decision had you not drank alcohol.

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